Scale / Size

There is some confusion even amongst experienced gamers about miniature Scale and Size.

Knowing what Scale and Size of a miniature you need before buying is important to making selection of appropriate miniatures from the site here is a basic guide.


Scale compares the size of the model to the size of a real-life object. This ratio will show how many times the model is smaller than the original size.Scale is usually indicated by 2 numbers separated by “/” or “:” i.e. 1:100 or 1/56 to indicate the ratio used.

So if a car is 3m long in reality.

1:100th version will be 100 times smaller or 3cm long

1/56th version will be 56 times smaller or 53.5mm long

Scale tends to be used in miniatures for inanimate object that will always be the same size i.e. Tanks, Cars etc.


Animals and people come in all shapes and sizes but miniature makers tend simplify this with a size of Ymm, i.e.. 28mm, 10mm etc. This is the distance from the top of the head (or eye level) to the bottom of the foot, so in 10mm the average human would be 10mm tall (or to eye level).

You can see that this already brings into the equation a variable is it to the head or eye!

To complicated matters further we have the concept of “Heroic Scale” and “True Scale”.

True scale is a more accurate reflection of reality so heads and hands are proportional to real life.

Heroic scale was initially created as the limitation of miniature making made the casting of figures with realistically scaled humans and weapons very difficult, so heads, hands and weapon sizes were enlarged. This also made painting the final figure easier.

Scale Creep:

You may have heard the phrase Scale Creep usually in terms of Games Workshop, this is were figures size increases over time often to make the miniatures more Heroic.

3D Files:

Miniatures designed on computer to be printed are not limited by the production process and can often be scaled by the computer. So if a miniature on my site isn’t in the scale you want please contact me by email to discuss if rescaling is possible and the price.

Sites such as My Mini Factory or Patreon tend to supply miniatures in 32mm scale by default.

Specific Game Scales:

Wizards of the Coast:
Dungeons & Dragons28mm
Flames of War1/10015mm
Atomic Mass Games:
Marvel Crisis Protocol 40mm
Star Wars: Legion 1/48
Star Wars: Shatterpoint40mm “True Scale”
Warlord Games:
Bolt Action:
Figures28mm depending on Manufacturer “True Scale” or “Heroic”
Cruel Seas1/300
Catalyst Game Labs:
Knight Models:
Batman the Miniatures Game35mm
Games Workshop:
Warhammer (40K, AOS and Fantasy)28-32mm “Heroic”
Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game28mm “True Scale”
TT Combat:
Dropzone Commander10mm