Photon Printer
Photon Printer

Disain Studio came out of an announcement in 2014 that my office would be closing and that I would be made redundant in 2020. So after 30 years of employment in the Civil Service that I needed to consider something else to do.

While considering options I decided to learn some new skills and joined the FabLab in the local library. I learnt about Laser cutting, 3D Printing, Vinyl cutting and CNC Routing.
After the intial sessions and some small projects I ended up as a volunteering helping people learn how to use the various machines.

My preference was 3d printing so there followed my first 3D printer and then another and another. I graduated from FDM filament printers to Resin printers.

So I decided maybe I had found a niche in 3D printing so I got permission to start a business while still employed and I commenced in April 2019.

The first Wargames show was at Bovington Tank Museum in July 2019

With 2020 and COVID closing down the show circuit and working from home my business went in top deep freeze.
I decided to consider other options so looked to You Tube and Podcasts and extending my website to expand coverage beyond just 3d printing for wargaming.

We are based in :

Exmouth, Devon, EX8 1JW